House Hunters

The House Hunters crew are so elegant I must say, it was a very efficient shoot too. Merry Christmas to you! 🎄

Dubai Sevens

A very good reason to be flat out busy!  Full on and loads of fun, plus I get to see a lot of lovely people in one place.  Love the 7’s!

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The Skrypecs

Loved seeing you, hurry back.

Jessica Gale

I’m lucky on a few levels today with Jessica, one she’s my lovely friend, two she’s a brilliant artist (have a look at Jessica Gale Artist) and three, she agreed to let me take these!

UAE National Sevens Tour

As big fans of the UAE National squad, we didn’t need too much persuading to go along as fans with a camera – especially when the final leg was in beautiful Sri Lanka.  Colombo is gorgeous and the rain was an added bonus too.

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Neslihan’s Baby Shower

Here are the photos of Nesli’s baby shower.  For me it was very interesting to be amongst a Turkish gathering, especially as I have recently visited Turkey and loved it.  It was a super gathering, with so much attention to detail.  I’m wishing Nesli all the best for her delivery and am looking forward to meeting the little one next month.

I must give a shout out to the lovely ladies of Bella Bakery and B&B Events.  What amazing treats they made for the baby shower.

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